TalesRevenant is a Final Fantasy XV resident troll and fanboy. Kotaku wrote an article about him that completely exposed him as a joke:

List of his failed statements

Here is a list of some of his most embarrassing moments on GameFAQs (he gets really triggered when anybody reposts this on GameFAQs): - "Only realistic scores are going to be used in this poll. There is no f***ing way this is scoring less than FFXIII, which has an 84." - "The fire monster from the IGN Documentary isn't Ifrit. Now please shut up about the leaks. - "They are still hiding a lot. They haven't shown us anything from Tenebrae or Solheim. They clearly haven't shown us even 10% of the game. This game is massive. They're holding back a s*** ton. We have seen 0 of Tenebrae or Solheim. Let's use common sense here lol..." - "Leak is fake - Just called multiple Gamestops across NYC" - "No delay. Still Sep 30. And that's all she wrote. Taking bets right now: What's gonna happen to Kagari, Gamnesia, Gematsu, and Kotaku?" - "4chan leak was fake. He made up the 10 year+ bulls*** too probably since he saw them older and aged so he assumed there was a timeskip. Eat your heart out trolls." - "Today we found out two new pieces of information that factually ends the 4chan leak. Leak is now confirmed fake. Chapter 0 takes place after the first few chapters of the game. The Satan demon in Chapter 0 is now confirmed not to be Ifrit." - "Aging of Old Noctis is natural. There is no time-skip. It's natural progression. More specifically, the story of FFXV takes place in a span of 10 years." - "Lol Fake as s***. Someone should post this on official FFXV forums so a Mod can respond. This is fake. Mark and report." - "Niflheim is a real threat and pure evil. Aldercapt is the a****** in the movie. He orchestrates everything. So I can't wait to beat his ass in-game."

*Feel free to add to this list with any more embarrassing comments you see him make*