So sweet and virginal

Serah Farron is an 18 year old girl in Final Fantasy XIII and a 21 year old woman in Final Fantasy XIII-2. She is engaged to Snow Villiers, an extremely hot dud from the seaside city Bodhum. They planned to get married at the end of Final Fantasy XIII, but when Lightning dissapeared they had no choice but to postpone their wedding until her sister was found(and not because of that rumor of shooting blanks).

Since Snow departed in 2AF to look for Lightning(in a successful attempt to abandon baby Lumina with Team Noerah), a 21 year old Serah found herself sexually deprived and therefore when Noel Kreiss arrived in 3AF, she decided to pursue her dream of having two boyfriends at the same time.


  • Tetsuya Nomura says she is his cutest creation
  • She is Lightning's younger sister, evident through the pink hair
  • Most people think that she has pink pubic hair, but Romangelo confirmed that she has no hair down there.
  • She used to strip when she was 16
  • She met Snow Villers for the first time at a rave
  • She complained to Square Enix about Final Fantasy XIII-2's ending(Lightning tends to keep hoes in check)