Vital statistics
Name kupo1705
Japanese Name クポ1705
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Moogle
Height Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color White
Home Unknown
Job Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Ultimate Weapon Unknown
Limit Break Unknown

Terra Branford's pet Moogle. President of the GAWIFG (Gamers against women in fighting games). He hates Lightning more than humanly possible(who wouldn't). His avatar is a Kingdom Hearts Moogle with a Pimp suit. Secretely hates Terra and loves Lightning. Kupo used to date AshyNuts, but she was lame and a loser so he just hit it and quit it. Currently in admist a paternity battle against Alantor to see which one is the father of Ashy's baby(hint: neither wants to be the father of the creature that comes out of that). Kupo is in a committed romantic relationship with Elice Carol, for some strange reason. 

And I repeat, he defeated Chuck Norris in a staring competition.

Had a video in Gamefaqs User Youtube Music Videos

He is not a fanboy of any kind despite what anyone might say. He goes by the name Regina.

He loves Jude_Mathis.

Kupo terra

kupo1705 being petted by his owner. The one with GREEN hair.

Small FF reviewsEdit

FF: Fun and short.

FFII: Alright.


FFIV: Also good

FFV: Very fun..

FFVI: Very awesome.

FFVII: Great

FFVIII: Shit sucks.

FFIX: Also great.

FFX: Also very awesome.

FFX-2: What were they thinking?


FFXII: Awesome

FFXIII: Uh.. It looks decent?

FFXIII-2: Fun to play, but it doesn't have much else.