Name KingShorttIX
Japanese Name He ain't got none.
Age 2000
Gender Male
Race Gorilla Lord
Height 50 feet
Eye Color Blood Red
Hair Color Silver
Home Ape Island
Job King of Gorillas
Weapon Pies
Ultimate Weapon Pie Cannon
Limit Break

Pie or Die!

This talking gorilla showed up one day, and threw a pie.


This former mental patient managed to proclaim himself King after defeating the first eight King Shortt's. His first order was to let everyone eat some pie and do the funky chicken, but after that he turned himself into a gorilla, and started to throw all the leftover pies at innocent bystanders


He considers The Sazh to be the bees knees, and his boy The Dajh a worth successor to the mantle of being The Sazh.
Caius is the destinied hero who helped end misery by destroying time and ridding the world of the pathetic Etro.
One can tell the difference between real butter and I can't not believe it is not butter.


I'll be there in a second. Let put me on some pants first.