Dirge of Cerberus

One of the worst Final Fantasy game ever. Helped ruin the Final Fantasy brand and put an end to the compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Plot (may contain spoilers)Edit

I lied. Nobody played this game because it looked like hot garbage.


A night after karaoke and lots of sake, teh folks at Square Enix brainstormed on making a new IP. They wrote down several ideas in bits of paer, folded them up and put them in a hat. Sora (best known as Tetsuya Nomura) then distracted the others with another Kingdom Hearts handheld game and put in 30 scraps of paper that said "FFVII".

They drew 3 ideas and the results were "character derailment", "FPS" and "FFVII". The hat's laws must be obeyed and we got this shitastic game.